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INDUSTRIAL KYIV: kayaking and walking!

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In Kyiv we have ancient chronicle river Lybid. It is known to every Kyiv’s resident, but most of them have never seen it.
It flows hidden from human eyes in an underground collector or artificially squeezed into a concrete groove. It is located in a hard-to-reach industrial zone of Kyiv. Its history and metamorphoses are closely related to our city and its development and industrialization.
During the combined tour to Lybid, we will see and learn during the kayaking and walking in Kyiv:
how the chronicle river, praised by legends and myths, turned from a navigable river into a small canal in our days in the times of Kyivan Rus,
why the Muscovites needed to move it to Ryazan,
why Lybid became a victim of urbanization and an area of environmental disaster,
how many rivers are there in Kyiv in general,
we will see three streams of Lybid: underground, in an artificial collector, and natural,
we will find out, if there are waterfalls in Kyiv,
we will visit the Kyiv favelas, the Kyiv ghetto settlement "Nahalivka", where self-settlers live without electricity.


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Tour program:

Anytime you want - gathering of the group from any point in Kyiv. We are going to the place of start our excursion. First, you will have a short safety briefing, then - kayking on the river Lybid about 2,5 km to its mouth, where it flows into the river Dnipro, and after - walking tour along the river.

Total time 2-3 hours.

Price - equivalent of 60 euro. The group is 4 person minimum or equivalent of 240 euro.

The price includes:

kayaking is on inflatable kayaks,

rental of life jackets,

services of a guide and tour support in English,

transfer from any part of Kyiv and back,

water shoes (water suit does not include, it doesn’t needed, but if you want, we can give it for 10 € additional),

0,5 l bottle of water for each.

Please, take a change of clothes with you.

INDUSTRIAL KYIV: kayaking and walking!: программа, график тура, стоимость, фото и отзывы

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